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We have tried to make this site as simple to use as possible, so it should be fairly self-explanatory.
Note that you must read and agree to the rules and conditions of this site before placing a listing.

Finding someone.

Due to NZ Privacy laws you can search only for names. You can NOT search for numbers, which is known as 'reverse searching.'   Nor can we provide any person with information about another person or their number under any circumstances. Contact the Police for help if such information is necessary.

To find someone, you can look through all the listings if you wish. Just click the 'Show All Listings' button up top. That's the hard and slow way to find anything though. Still, it's probably more fun than reading dictionaries.

To see all listings in an area, say Auckland, type Auckland in the City field leaving the Name area blank. Click Search. Both the Suburb and City areas will be searched and any results displayed. You can type in the suburb or sub-area name too, say Mount Eden, to see only those entries. That will cut it down a lot.   But that's the second hardest way to find anything.

The easy way?
Type the Surname or Business name you want to find into the left panel.
Type the City, Area or Suburb name into the right panel. Then click Search.
Now select the correct result from those shown.
If you get no results at all, try a different spelling or a partial name.  Of course if they aren't in our database, they won't show up.  Can YOU be found when needed?  Are YOU listed?

Getting Listed.

There are two types of listing.

1: A free, basic, one line only entry, showing a Name, Address, and phone numbers. Free listings are of this type.

2: A commercial or organisation listing at $5 a year. This allows you to have colors, like a Bold name on a yellow background, with selectable colours for the Name and Description areas, plus live 'user-clickable' Website and Email addresses. For some example listings click here.

Your listing once placed is permanent. It will be removed only at your request, or by us if in breach of our rules, New Zealand Law, good taste etc. We reserve the right at all times to modify, remove, or refuse any listing.

You can place your own listing by entering the details online yourself, using a computer, tablet or Smartphone. If that doesn't work, text or email us the details. (See 'Contact Us' above.)
Your entry will consist at a minimum, of a Name, City, and phone number, those items being required.
You might also enter your Street address, Suburb, and Home Phone number if you wish, but for privacy and security reasons these are not compulsory. So unless it's required, don't enter anything you don't want shown online.

If you enter your details online, you must also provide your Email address for contact and security purposes, however note that for privacy reasons email addresses are not shown in a Personal listing. If you wish to have your Email address or other links shown you must use an Organisation listing.

Commercial listings are $5 a year. These allow you to have a bold name on a yellow background panel, plus your Email and Website addresses can be made 'live' and clickable allowing users to go directly to your website, or send you an Email. You also get a 200 character Description area.
You can see samples by clicking here.

If you enter your listing online....
A confirming Email will be sent to the email address you provide. You should reply to this promptly, to confirm to us that you are in fact the true owner of that email address, that the listing details are correct, and that you did enter or approve the listing yourself.

Provided you always use the same connection your listing was entered with, you will have 24 hour online access to your listing to make alterations or updates to it.

The Email address, the IP address of the poster, and certain other information is recorded and stored in our database. This allows us to trace and take action against any person placing false information etc. Your information is not released to other parties.

If your listing is a paid type, with colors and links enabled, you must pay any fees due before that listing will be fully activated. Until then it will appear as a black and white listing only, and certain items may not be shown.

To avoid offensive, fake, or misleading entries, any listing, or changes made to one, will need to approved by our staff before that listing appears. Until then, the listing itself, it's phone numbers or some other details might not be shown.

Other than for listing purposes, any information we record is used for security checking only. No information is released to any other party, except where required by law, or for use in emergencies.

Please Remember: We are not mind readers. We don't know if your number or details change, so please update your listing promptly yourself, or contact us to alter it or remove it for you. Thanks.

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